In 2021, the School of Engineering in Tokyo Tech launched an educational program aiming at the education of the students who will be active in "Cyber-Physical System for Smart Society."

Super Smart Society (Society 5.0): The Japanese government aims to develop economic growth and healthy longevity society by expanding the technology in the "Monotsukuri" field, which Japan is good at, to various fields including informatics/network and IoT technologies. Final target of this effort is to transform our society into a sustainably developing society.

School of Engineering @ Tokyo Tech: The School of Engineering in Tokyo Tech consists of five departments; Mechanical Eng., Systems and Control Eng., Electrical and Electronic Eng., Information and Communications Eng. and Industrial Eng. and Economics.


The goal of this program is to cultivate young and excellent talented personnel who can be active at the world level to accelerate the construction of "Super Smart Society" where people can live comfortably and lively. First of all, the students studying in this program gains broad knowledge and a deep understanding of the subjects of the Graduate Major they belong to. Next, by taking classes of other Graduate Majors the students gain broad knowledge and experience becoming essential researchers and engineers working to realize "Super Smart Society." Through these studies and experiences, the students can form a strong human network regardless of their nationality. Program graduates are expected to be active not only in Japan but also in the world where the realization of "Super Smart Society" is highly desired. This means that excellent young researchers and engineers who completed this program will be the cornerstone of supporting the sustainable growth of humanity. The students are educated in the Integrated Doctoral Education Program and are planning to transition from master's program to doctoral program on a continuous basis for both degrees.

For Prospective Students (How to Apply)

Most of the faculty members belonging to the School of Engineering are participating in this program. Since their research field is very wide, an applicant should carefully consult with the faculty member who will become the supervisor in advance about the consistency between the research theme of the applicant and the purpose of this program.

Official applications guide for admission in 2022, including eligibility, procedures, required documents etc., is avilable at "https://www.titech.ac.jp/english/graduate_school/international/graduate_program_a/."

Before sending the application to the Admission Division (Due date: December 7, 2021), the applicant should obtain the consent of a faculty member who will agree to become her/his academic advisor, in the event that she/he passes the entrance examination. To obtain the consent, the applicant is strongly suggested to send the preliminary application form (MS WordMS_Word / PDFPDF) and required documents to the prospective advisor and the Steering Committee (see "Contact") via e-mail as soon as possible.

If you want to search a faculty member who might be suitable to your wish, you can lookup it through the "Tokyo Tech STAR Search."


Course Requirements of CPSSS
  1. The student will be enrolled in a special course and educated in Integrated Doctoral Education Program, in which they are expected to study from Master's to Doctoral programs continuously for the both degrees.
  2. All lectures offered in this program are given in English.
  3. The students on CPSSS can learn the following subjects:
  • Common subjects in CPSSS
  • Specialized subjects in the enrolled special course
  1. In addition to the requirements for acquiring the degree for each course which they belong, students in CPSSS must satisfy several requirements to acquire the Master degrees as follows,
  • a) 2 credits or more must be acquired from the “Common subjects.”
  • b) 2 credits or more must be acquired from the subjects provided by each group in the “Specialized subjects” (Three groups x 2 credits = 6 credits), NOTE: The subjects of the department that he/she belongs to cannot be counted as the “Specialized subjects”. The students belonging to the Graduate Major in Industrial Engineering and Economics need to take 2 credits or more additionally from the subjects in Cyber Eng. Group or in Physical Eng. Group instead of taking the subjects in Social Implementation Group.
  • c) The seminar must be acquired in each semester.
  • d) The student must complete a special research, submit a thesis for the degree and take the final examination given after the submission of her/his thesis for the qualification. The students qualified by the examination can enter the Doctoral program with some formalities.
  • Five Graduate Majors in School of Engineering:
    Graduate Major in Mechanical Engineering
    Graduate Major in Systems and Control Engineering
    Graduate Major in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    Graduate Major in Information and Communications Engineering
    Graduate Major in Industrial Engineering and Economics
  1. In addition to the requirements for acquiring the degree for each course which they belong, students in CPSSS must satisfy several requirements to acquire the Doctoral degrees as follows,
  • a) 4 credits of Off-Campus Project of the Graduate Major must be acquired.
  • b) The seminar must be acquired in each semester.
  • c) The candidate must complete and upload his/her thesis for the degree, and take and pass the final examination and evaluation of the thesis.
  1. Under this program, in addition to the above-mentioned requirements, students must also fulfill the Graduate Major completion requirements of their departments (degree completion requirements). For completion requirements of your Graduate Major, please refer to the relevant Graduate Major pages in "Guide to Graduate Majors (for IGP)."

NOTE: Course/Program requirements are subjected to change.

Guide to Graduate Education and International Graduate Program, Fall 2020

Research Theme

Research theme and activity of a student is guided by his/her supervisor. Research topics of individual faculty member can be viewed through the "Faculty Member List of IGP-A." If you wish to know detailed information of a specific researcher, you can lookup it through the "Tokyo Tech STAR Search."


Sep. 6th, 2021
Sep. 6th, 2021
Website of CPSSS is opened.



Inquiry to the CPSSS: cpsss_inquiry"_at_"e.titech.ac.jp
Please replace "_at_" with @ when you send e-mail.

Steering Committee of CPSSS

Tomohiko Uematsu
Dean, Professor
School of Engineering
Hiroshi Yamaura
Mechanical Engineering
Hiraku Sakamoto
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Takushi Saito
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Daisuke Kurabayashi
Systems and Control Engineering
Tomohisa Hayakawa
Associate Professor
Systems and Control Engineering
Hiroaki Iino
Associate Professor
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Hitoshi Wakabayashi
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Minoru Nakayama
Information and Communications Engineering
Yoshiaki KitaguchiAssociate ProfessorInformation and Communications Engineering
Hiroyuki Umemuro
Industrial Engineering and Economics
Su-lin Chung
Associate Professor
Industrial Engineering and Economics